The church of La Sagrada Família (Barcelona, Spain)

The Expiatory church of La Sagrada Familia is Barcleona’s most iconic monumental building, and the masterwork of architect Antoni Gaudí.

For some, it is the foremost exponent of Catalan Modernism, while for others, its highly personal style cannot be classified. The Sagrada Familia is a Catholic basilica that was begun in 1882. The building work still remains unfinished. Of all Gaudí’s works in Barcelona, the Sagrada Familia is the finest example of his own idea of art.It is “total” architecture, in which structure, ornament, symbolism, mysticism and nature stand side by side, to create a highly complex and exuberantly elaborate structure that is clearly devoted to religion.

The Church of La Sagrada Familia

The structural base of the four towers, which are topped by crosses pointing in the four cardinal directions, supports a complicated layout in which words are combined with sculpture and colour to achieve a union between architecture and nature. When the church is completed, it will have 18 towers. Twelve of them will be dedicated to the Apostles, four to the Evangelists, one to Jesus Christ, and another to the Virgin Mary.  


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