The Imagery of the Columns

There are a total of 36 columns, made of different materials, and this gives them a variety of colours. Each one has a meaning. The four pillars in the centre of the transept are dedicated to the Evangelists, whose symbols can be seen on the lamps. When the natural light begins to fade, these lamps illuminate the inside of the church with a very colourful light.

The rest of the columns in the church are dedicated to the twelve apostles, the four Catalan bishoprics, the 15 Spanish cities with archbishoprics, and the five continents. Each column shows the patron saint of its diocese on its lamp, and this makes the church very colourful.

Another feature with which Gaudí took great pains was proportion. The columns of the central nave are 22.20 metres high, whereas the side columns are precisely half that, 11m10. Thanks to this, the light from the outside can flow right into the church through the large stained glass windows.

Now let’s look at the various inside areas. First we shall go to the lower end of the basilica, the opposite side to the high altar.

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