The facade of Glory

In front of you is the Facade of Glory, which will be the largest and most monumental of them all, as it is the main entrance to the church. Along with the spires, it will be finished during the last stage of building.

I wanted to dedicate it to the Glory of Jesus, which is why it had to represent his ascent to heaven: Death, the Final Judgement and Glory, as well as Hell. But I was aware that I would not see it in my own lifetime. So I left some general, undeveloped sketches of the work, as other generations would have to continue my work using the style of their own time.

Using the only scale model that remains of this doorway, the architects have designed a façade that will have eight columns, on top of which the spires will be built. These columns will make seven entrances devoted to the seven sacraments and the seven petitions of the Lord’s Prayer. To reach this great portico, there will be a set of steps and a terrace on which a monument to fire and water will be erected. In the space underneath the steps, there will be an underground passage that will represent Hell and vice, and which will be decorated with demons.

But the most spectacular feature of the facade will be the illuminated clouds, which will be placed on the columns. They will represent the Holy Trinity: the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. They will contain the Creed, in large lettering, and will be placed on 16 great lanterns placed in ascending order. The seven lower ones will represent the days of Creation, and the nine upper ones, the hierarchy of angels.

I have to admit that this idea arose from a comment I once made on how interesting it would be to incorporate a number of prayers into the church, in full view of everyone, so that when they read them, although they might not realize it, those who come to the church would be saying a prayer to the Lord. That is why, in other parts of the church, you will see the same idea. For instance the Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanctus of the spires.

You will have to return to this Holy Basilica sometime around the year 2028 in order to see it finished, but until then, my friend, remember: you have witnessed a unique moment in history. The building of a great basilica.

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Text (a) Diego Laforga Marcos (2013)

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Author: Carlos Marcos (2013)