The inside of the Schoolhouse

The original location of the school was on the land currently occupied by the Façade of the Glory, because Gaudi assumed it would be a long time before it was built. In 2002, when the work on this part of the church began, the school was moved, stone by stone, to where it stands today.

Go on in, and you can see a reproduction of one of the classrooms, with the original furniture, and a recreation of Gaudi’s own studio.

The schoolhouse is built on a rectangular plan measuring 10m x 20m, and there were three classrooms housing a total of 150 pupils, a vestibule and a chapel, with toilets in an adjacent annexe. It was built of three layers of superimposed brickwork, using the traditional Catalan Vault technique.

During the Civil War the school was badly damaged, so the structure had to be dismantled and rebuilt twice.

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