The Portal of Faith

And now, last of all, we can see the doorway on the right, which is devoted to the Virgin Mary. A number of the scenes are reminders of passages from the bible that feature the Mother of God. The visit to her cousin Elizabeth, to announce that she will be the mother of one sent by God. You can find it on the left of the door. On the right, you can see Jesus as an adolescent, working in his father’s workshop. Joseph and Mary are beside him, and their gaze directs our own to the scene above the lintel, on which Jesus is preaching at the temple, between St. John the Baptist and St. Zachary. At the top of the doorway, you can see the presentation of Jesus at the Temple, held in the arms of the priest, Simeon. The whole group is topped by the Immaculate Conception and is full of symbols that refer to the Eucharist and the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

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