Find free Wi-Fi hotspots in Madrid where you´ll be able to download your audioguide

Who has not ever traveled abroad and has been found to the problem of accessing the Internet via his mobile device? The excessive prices offered by companies to their customers in downloading data, from another country, makes that some usual matters as checking email or browse the press becomes a luxury that we can´t afford, at least if we want to avoid an unpleasant surprise when we return of our trip.

From we want to help you to make your trip a little easier and comfortable, and so in this blog we will give you some tips on how to access free spots Wi-Fi located in the city of Madrid. We remind you that before leaving your country of destination you should disconnect your services and 3G data downloads, as the mere receipt of an email can be an unexpected extra charge.

But don´t panic, even without an active data rate, we can use all our web mobile services, and what is more important: absolutely free. But this is only possible if we find a free Wi-Fi access spot. So we want to guide you, in order you can find the closest point to your hotel, or the cafe where have a rest while you share with your friends the latest pictures of your trip.

The city of Madrid has numerous places of free internet access, called hotspots (Internet in public places like parks, malls, libraries, cafes, kiosks, etc..). In this points you can open and freely download all the data you want, from a mail to our audioguide that in just three minutes will be charged to your mobile and ready to use on your visit to the Museo Reina Sofía.

Below you can see a map where are marked, with ìts respective icons, the places where you can enjoy access to free wifi. Hopefully these tips will facilitate travel and make your visit more pleasant.


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