The Chapels

We are now right above the church crypt. But before we go to see it, take a quick look at the rear of the apse, just behind the colossal pipe organ, which I’m sure you must have noticed. The organ has 1,492 pipes, which accompany the clear voices of the choir. The first time it was played was the consecration of the church by Pope Benedict XVI. In the future, there will be three more organs here, one in each arm of the church.

The top end of the church is semi-circular and comprises seven chapels arranged around an ambulatory, and a central area where the altar and chancel are located. The stained glass windows announce the Advent of the Messiah, who is invoked using seven different names. If you join the initial of each word, you will find the Latin phrase Ero Cras, which means “Tomorrow I will arrive”.

Now go on down to the church crypt. You can reach it by either of the two spiral staircases at the sides of the apse.

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