About us

About Us:

Based in Madrid, Spain, founded in 2011 by Julián Hernández, with a long career in developing innovative mobile services. We are a team of software engineers and content creators, writers, translators, voiceovers, photographers, museum curators, animators, and graphic designers. We are passionate of making a product and provide services that inspire MUSeums and Monuments visitors. We like spreading art and history knowledge in an enjoyable way.

We pursue to lead the technical development, and new models of content generation, distribution and marketing. We look for excellence. We love adding value to each product component, and each service process. We aim to be technologically advanced, innovating in support for tourism. Bringing content to new devices, channels and audiences. Understand what our customers expect, satisfy and surprise them positively.


To make funnier the tourist visits to MUSeums and Monuments. To divulgate art and history, teaching and entertaining. Contribute to better appreciate the art, monuments, culture, history and natural spaces.

Help museums, monuments, and their managers of public or private exhibition spaces, make accessible the cultural tourism through new technologies. Provide technology and content to inspire, to turn a visit into something memorable.