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The Reina Sofia audioguide makes a better visit to the "Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia" (MNCARS). It is an independent production from the museum. It offers 67 minutes of two voices narrations with 43 explanations of works, authors and artistic trends

It comes with 65 photographs, and museum plans. It also includes the full text transcriptions of voiceover, technical data and several organized itineraries.

 It is an excellent and professional guide, it includes 10 stories more than the museum’s official to rent guide at a cost of less than half that. Once you downloaded it, you can use it as often as desired, with many advantages you can see here.

It focuses on the collection 1, housed on the 2nd floor of the Sabatini Building. It addresses also works in the collection 2, located in level 4, and some works in the collection 3, which are hosted on levels 0 and 1 of Nouvel Building.

This audioguide widen the context of the displayed works. It provides authors’ data and details of their life. Information regarding time, political and social scenarios where they developed. It helps to recognize the main characteristics of XX century artist trends, and authors. This is done relying on museum’s art works.

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Audioguide contents

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