Superimposed grey matter

You can see here the painting Superimposed Grey Matter, which is an example of “matter painting” in cement and oil on canvas. Tápies has constructed, or sculpted, the work and torn pieces of it off. He has left areas of matter - and of no matter. He creates layers, textures and shades of grey, using ground marble and earth to obtain different intensities, and smooth and rough superimposed layers.

A distinctive feature of Tapies’ work is the austere colour. In the artist’s own words: “for me, greys and browns are more internal colours, they are more closely related to the world of philosophy”. His works are mainly in ochre, brown, beige, grey and black.

Tápies was a mainly self-taught artist, who was critical of the Franco dictatorship. He had democratic and pro-Catalan political views, which cost him a brief period in gaol. He was made Marquis of Tápies in 2010, a title which was just one of the many awards he received in recognition of his artistic work, which comprised not only painting, but sculpture, engraving and book illustration.

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