Photography and posters

During the Spanish Civil War, there was a major increase in poster design. As you can see here, several features meant the graphic style tended to be simple. They had a strong visual impact. They were quick to make and print. They conveyed the message.

The human figure, be it a soldier, a female worker or a peasant, was oversized, sometimes acquiring colossal proportions.

Commercial poster design, which began in the 20th century, increased with the rise of advertising between the wars.

The caricatures of social or political stereotypes that were to be seen in many Wartime posters also appeared in cartoons and satirical magazines, serving to parody opponents. They were also the perfect vehicle for conveying educational instruction, proclamations, or actual news to a population with low literacy levels.

However, it was graphic reporters who did the most to spread news of the events of the Civil War, both here in Spain and abroad. Here, in Room 206.09, you can see a number of pictures by Spanish photographer Agustí Centelles, who worked for La Vanguardia newspaper. One of the photographs shows Centelles himself at the front in Aragon.

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