Siurana, the track

In this room, there are several canvases by Joan Miró on display, amongst them, “Siurana, the Track”. It was painted in 1917, and is reminiscent of Fauvism, an early 20th-century style that had captivated Miró in his youth, and which used bright colours over simplified forms.

Siurana, a picturesque village in the artist’s native Tarragona province, was the inspiration for at least three of his works. In this canvas, an earth track winds its way through a curvaceous landscape, in which the treetops, painted using a large palette of strong colours, have been highlighted in dark shades so as to stand out against the pale but intense blue of the sky.

This landscape theme reveals a fondness for nature that was to be one of the constant features of Joan Miró’s creative universe. We will return to him later, in another room, and discover how he evolved artistically as from 1920.

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