Introduction to the museum guide

The Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía’s permanent collections no.1 and 2, which cover the period from 1900 to 1968, are on display in the Sabatini building, a Neo-classical building that was designed as a hospital, in the 18th century and named after the Italian architect who completed it, Francesco Sabatini. The building is a quadrangle in shape, with a corridor that looks onto a courtyard on one side, and leads into the exhibition rooms on the other.

This audio guide examines Collection number 1, which is on show on the 2nd floor of the Sabatini building. We will also be looking at some works in Collection number 2, on the fourth floor, and others from Collection number 3, which can be seen on the ground and first floors of the Jean Nouvel Building. This modern wing was opened to the public in 2005, and takes its name from the architect Jean Nouvel, who won the international contest for the museum extension in 1999.

The works are shown in chronological order, with the artworks and artists grouped together according to movement, group or school. The purpose of this grouping is to place the works in context and to bring together painting, sculpture, film, photography and items such as scale models, posters, comics and books which, while their artistic value may only be relative, nevertheless help to place the works within the troubled time-frame of 20th century Spain and Europe.

The aim of this audio guide is to help to expand upon the context of the artworks on display, providing information on the artists and their lives, as well as the relevant period and physical, political and social backgrounds against which they are set. It also provides information on the works themselves, helping to identify the main distinctive features of each movement, artist or school, on the basis of the works on show in this museum. We suggest you begin your visit in Room 201, on the second floor, right above the entrance to the Sabatini Building.

We hope your visit to the museum is interesting and enjoyable.

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