The Museum

The Museum was founded in 1930 to collect and preserve the history of the church and the Santiago pilgrimages.

The permanent cathedral collection, as you can see as soon as you come in, starts with the reconstruction of part of Master Mateo’s stone choir. Many of the fragments on display here were found during the excavations on the foundations of the cathedral, as they were used to level the ground. Remains of other works are also on show.

The next few rooms, on the upper floor, hold 13th- and 18th- century items of various kinds, such as tapestries, paintings, sculptures and furniture. From the cloister, go up to the third floor, where be careful not to miss the highlights of the tapestry collection, which is one of the most important in Spain, with designs by Rubens, Teniers and the great Francisco de Goya. From here, you can go onto the balcony, which offers a panoramic view of the Obradoiro Square and the city of Santiago.

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