The Chapels in the naves

In the small nave, where you are now, there are two chapels: that of the Communion, and that of Christ of Burgos.

You will see that the first of them, the Chapel of the Communion, has an unexpected circular floor plan, in the Greco-Roman style, with a large dome resting on Ionic columns.

The next one is known as the Chapel of the Christ of Burgos, as the carving in it comes from the Castilian city of Burgos. To the left of the altar is a magnificent carving of Pedro Carrillo at prayer. It is so naturalistic that you can almost hear the bright red statue praying…

At the foot of the central nave stands the greatest treasure in the cathedral and, for many experts, in Spanish Romanesque carving: the Portico of Glory.

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Text (a) Diego Laforga Marcos

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Author: Diego Laforga (2013)