Jesús among the Doctors

Durer was a German Renaissance painter who painted famous pictures that include the Adam and Eve which can be seen hanging in the Prado Museum.

The scene shows the episode of Jesus among the doctors which tells of how he got lost at the age of twelve, when out with his mother and St. Joseph. They spent three days looking for him and found him in the Jerusalem Temple talking to the doctors, who were amazed at the child’s wisdom.

This complex and unusual picture was painted in Venice in 1506, in just five days, as stated in the inscription you can see next to Durer’s typical signature: an interlinked capital A and D, on the book on the left.

Here, Durer has displayed his skill at capturing people’s psychological traits, which range from the kindly face of Jesus to the surprised and suspicious expressions of the doctors. The contrasts are also striking: age and youth, beauty and ugliness… The hands of the child and those of the old man in the centre of the picture have been painted at different angles, once again exhibiting Durer’s skilled draughtsmanship.

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