Portrait of Henry VIII of England

Although he was from Germany, Hans Holbein worked in England, mainly as a portraitist. In this work, the painter was required to display the king’s wealth and power. This is why the portrait is an ostentatious showcase of jewellery, rather in the style of the portrait painters of the Spanish court.

Henry’s divorce from the Spanish Infanta, Catherine of Aragon, who was the daughter of the Catholic Monarchs Ferdinand and Isabella, in order to marry Anne Boleyn, brought about the break of the Anglican Church from the Roman Catholic Church, with Henry VIII becoming head of the Church of England.

The artist has managed to portray the sitter’s energetic personality. Henry was famous for his many wives, two of whom he condemned to death. The first of these was Ann Boleyn.

It was rumoured that Baron Thyssen bought this painting from an English aristocrat by swapping it for a luxury Bugatti car.

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