"Les Vessenots" at Auvers

The Post-Impressionist style developed between the late 19th and early 20th century. It reincorporated drawing and volume, nuanced with strong colours. The leading exponents of the style were Gauguin, Toulouse-Lautrec, Cezanne and, in particular, Van Gogh.

This great Dutch artist painted some of the most highly valued paintings in the world. Which is a paradox, as he barely sold any paintings while he was alive. He painted a few portraits so that he could pay off some of his debts, and was able to survive thanks to the support of his younger brother, Theo. The letters between the two have served to document his life.

Loneliness and melancholy were his constant companions, leading him to acts of madness such as cutting off his ear in a fit of anger. His self-portrait with a bandaged ear is famous. His psychiatric problems meant he voluntarily entered mental institutions on several occasions. Although is death has always been considered a suicide, recent investigations point towards the cause of his death being an accident, caused by a fortuitous shot from a pistol that some youngsters who were friends of the painter were playing with. Van Gogh may have blamed himself so as not to incriminate them.

This work was painted towards the end of his life, during his time in Auvers, a small village near Paris where he spent the last months of his life and where he painted some of his most famous pictures. This painting in full daylight was made using very thick brushstrokes that are so strong you can count them. The houses are geometrical, the forefathers of the new art movements that were to come. The palette is very small, just a few luminous greens, yellows and blues fill up the picture and only a small red roof breaks up the colour harmony.
ine, the trees make up a background at the foot of a blue-toned hill. They are reflected in the water, on which the ice is starting to thaw. Like most of Monet’s pictures, there is no drawing involved, just spots of colour and a cold wintry light that makes you feel rather melancholy.

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