Rue Saint-Honoré in the Afternoon. Rain effect

Pissarro is one of the fathers of Impressionism. He participated in all of the group’s exhibitions. Although his favourite theme was rural life and country folk, towards the end of his life he had to move to Paris for health reasons, and he painted a number of works from his room in the hotel where he was staying. He was an anarchist, and he had a major influence on later painters such as Gauguin and Cézanne, who were both pupils of his.

In this work, which was painted from an overhead perspective that gives the scene more depth, using clear brushstrokes he has created an effect of rain in the street, which seems to be shining. The figures with umbrellas in the foreground and the horse-drawn carriages reflected on the wet road put the size of the buildings into perspective. The artist has shown a street in the heart of the Latin Quarter that is typical of late 19th century Paris, with buildings all the same height, with balconies, attics and chimney stacks. Pissarro never abandoned drawing, which became a miniature.

The return of volume heralded the arrival of Post-Impressionism.

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