Stormy sea with sailing boats

Seascapes were another of the main themes of Dutch painting in the 17th century, along with landscapes, portraits, indoor scenes and still-lifes.

Sailing was the main source of income for the Dutch. Their mariners sailed the seven seas like modern-day Phoenicians, collecting all the treasures they could use to trade with, such as pearls, diamonds, porcelain and silks. There was not a single luxury item that did not spend some time in the holds of their ships.

The Thyssen Museum holds a major collection of seascapes, and one of the highlights is this work by the great landscape artist Jacob van Ruisdael. Notice the impressive stormy sky over a low horizon, letting the sunlight in through the clouds to light up the white foam on the waves, in the middle of a dark, raging sea, while a strong gale rocks the hulls of the ships.

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