The Naughty Drummer

This work is an amusing example of Dutch indoor painting and Nicolaes Maes was one of the great masters of the genre, along with Vermeer and Hooch. All three artists liked to paint everyday scenes from the life of the 17th century Dutch bourgeois classes. Their pictures featured careful studies of light and texture.

You will notice the wide variety of details in the scene. The light enters from the left, through a leaded window that was typical in Holland in that period. The pictures on the wall include a portrait and a map, which were both common in 17th century middle class houses. The artist shows us a mother sewing, while with her foot she is rocking the cradle of the baby she is trying to send to sleep. Its older brother is crying, as his mother has just told him off for waking the baby with his drumming. The red of the tablecloth and the woman’s dress provide the room with a sense of warmth and happiness.

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