Piazza San Marcos in Venice

This 18th century Venetian painter, whose real name was Antonio Canal, became famous for his paintings of the city of Venice. His father was a stage designer who painted large theatre sets. Canaletto began as an apprentice to his father, creating sets for operas by Scarlatti, and it was thanks to this that he began to paint urban landscapes. At a time when there was no photography or post cards, the wealthy tourists who visited the city – particularly the English – would take these paintings home with them as souvenirs of their travels.

Here, Canaletto´s perfect brushstrokes have produced a highly realistic view. The architectural detail is impressive, with the Basilica and its magnificent tower in the background. On the right, we can see on of Venice´s Gothic palazzos. The figures walking in the square give come idea of the grandeur of what is still, even today, the main attraction for tourists who come Venice. The light and the sky in the picture serve to underscore its beauty.

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Text (a) Catalina Serrano Romero

Source: Wikimedia Commons
Author: Jon Harald Soby
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