The Courtyard of the Golden Room

The Audience chamber is known as the Courtyard of the Golden Room… It is an Andalusi patio, with an elegant fountain in the middle, at ground level so as not to disturb conversation. The water had to be brought here to this hill along artificial water channels. When you entered the Medina and we were fortunate enough to meet, we crossed the Royal Water Channel. Do you remember?

Here in this patio, official audiences would be held. The two columns make up three archways, covered with delicate relief carvings. Experts tell us that the motifs on the capitals are most unusual, because they date from the Almohad period, and the Almohads were very austere fundamentalists. And can you see the window at the top, covered in latticework, above the arches? That was where the Empress, the wife of Charles V, used to stay. She enjoyed the Alhambra so much.

In my time, receptions were held in the courtyard, where it was cool. Behind the columns is the Golden Hall, where high ranking officials and court protegés would wait their turn. It is the original room. The ornate golden detailing dates form the Christian period, because the victors made Nazrid art part of their own aesthetic taste.

But it is very busy in here, habibi. Now that Granada has surrendered to the Catholic King and Queen, all I can see are servants rushing everywhere, saving the few rich possessions that Sultan Boabdil wishes to take with him in his exile.

Shall we continue? The solemn facade opposite you is part of the Comares Palace, the private residence of the Sultans. That is where we are heading.

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Author: Julián Hernández Martínez (2013)