The Sultana’s Garden

Well, my friend. Those who have no time to admire this beauty, have no time for anything. Let us walk around the Sultana’s Gardens, now that she is not here, nor likely to return…

This is where the Sultana entertained herself, listening to poetry in the morning sunshine. Or did you perhaps think, stranger, that the sun, the clouds and the blue of the sky were different in my time? Did you think that the Generalife was bathed in different colours then?

The stairs we just came up lay buried for centuries, and were only rediscovered a few decades ago. In fact this garden is now several metres higher up that it was originally. That is why the legend that links my lover and myself to this garden and to that cypress tree on the left, must only be that: just a legend.

On one of the walls there are some almost invisible remains of one of the few surviving examples of mural painting that once decorated the walls of some of the Alhambra buildings, although this was against the rules of Islam.

Before you leave, I recommend that you go up to see the water garden.

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Text (a) Carlos Madrid (2012)

Source: Own work
Author: Julián Hernández Martínez (2013)