The Palace of Charles V

Emperor Charles V said that he spent the best moments of his life in the Alhambra. Fascinated by the Nazrid palaces, he had this enormous residence built here. Hmmm…. Perhaps this palace matched his imperial status, but I‘m afraid it didn’t really match the surroundings. They say that Charles himself never liked it. In fact it was not finished during his lifetime.

It is an unusual building, isn’t it? It is certainly original, with its large circular inner courtyard, inside a perfectly square structure. At that time it was the height of cutting edge daring. If you look carefully, you will see the Hapsburg imperial symbols.

On the upper floor there is a contemporary art exhibition room and on the lower floor is the Alhambra Museum. Many of the treasures that have been discovered here so far are in the museum. You will find original Nazrid coffered ceilings, a spectacularly beautiful jar, and even the real throne of one of the sultans, which was found in a Granada street market! I suggest you go in and take a look! I will wait for you outside. It is a museum, habibi, and if I go in, I am so valuable they may never let me out again!

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Text (a) Carlos Madrid (2012)

Source: Own work
Author: Julián Hernández Martínez (2013)